Card of the Day 08/07/16 -Birthday Balloons Card

Card of the Day 08/07/16 -Birthday Balloons Card

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today’s Card of the Day is for my wonderful father-in-law for his birthday. It was great to have a handmade card ready for today. For someone so dear to me, this special handmade card was a more meaningful addition than a simple card from the store would have been. I’m a bit late getting this post out with all the birthday fun going on today, but better late than never. Happy Birthday Dad and I hope you had a wonderful day!

Birthday Balloons Card

For today’s card I chose the Birthday Balloons card. This card is a handmade die-cut card with bright and cheerful colors. It’s also the featured birthday card in the August Sent with Love Monthly Card Box. Every month’s card box includes one birthday card among the designs so you are always ready You can sign up for the Monthly Card Box here to join the Sent with Love Project. This card is also available for individual sale starting today through our Etsy Store where you can order a single card with a custom message printed inside.

Printed Thank You Card in Brilliant Blue

Card of the Day 8/2/16 -Printed Thank You Card in Brilliant Blue

Card of the Day 8/2/16

Today I’m sending out the Printed Thank You Card in Brilliant Blue from the August Sent with Love card box. Building my blog and craft business has been both wonderful and challenging. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to turn your dreams into a reality. When you are creating a business on your own it becomes an expression of yourself. I usually face the challenge of having more ideas that I would like to express than I have hours in the day. While one day I hope to expand the business to a team a people working to build this wonderful community, right now it’s just me.

Thank You

That’s why today I am sending my Sent with Love Thank you Card to my Dad. You’re never fully working on your own when you have the help and support of the people you love and my dad has been so much help to me. Thank you for reading and editing every post that I have written. Thank you for dealing with the late night panicked phone calls from me because I have a post going live in 4 hours and I’m not sure it’s good enough yet.  Thank you for your encouragement and support, I couldn’t have done this without you.

Printed Thank You Card in Brilliant Blue

For my Sent with Love Card of the Day I used the Printed Thank You Card in Brilliant Blue. This design is now available for individual sale in our Etsy shop. You can order this card individually and have your own custom message printed inside by following the link here.

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August Card Box Reveal

August Card Box Reveal

August Card Box Reveal

I am very pleased to release today, the very first edition of our Sent with Love Monthly Card Box! Today I’m giving you all a peek inside with the August Card Box Reveal. This monthly card box is part of the Sent with Love Project, where we are trying to build a habit of reaching out to loved ones more often. Our goal is to send cards to three people each week and I will be covering my experience with this monthly challenge here on the blog for you.

Take the Challenge Together

Those of you signed up for the Sent with Love Project should be receiving your August Card Boxes in the mail today! Please send in your feedback, we’d love to hear what you think about the new August Card Box. Feel free to share your experiences this month as you take this challenge with us. Comment below with your favorite card, or a style you’d like to see more of. Share your plans for reaching out this month.

Join the Challenge

Want to be a part of the Sent with Love Project? Click here to join us and sign up for your monthly card box! Each box comes with 14 cards, all handmade with unique designs. There is also a mini card box option for those looking for a smaller first step to start with. Not sure you have the time? Try our free Sent with Love e-mail course to learn tips and tricks for fitting the time to reach out into your busy schedule. There are many ways to participate, so find the best fit for you and start Sending with Love. 🙂



“And Spring arose on the garden fair, like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere; and each flower and herb on Earth’s dark breast rose from the dreams of its wintry rest.”

-Percy Bysshe Shelley

Waking Up Inside

After the cold and calm of winter, weather slowly starts to change. Snow melts away and that white blanket is lifted off the earth. The world is waking up. Snow melts into the ground, providing moisture, and the sun breaks through the clouds providing light. Then, in the midst of this change, a miracle happens. Life begins to spring up everywhere. Tiny sprouts poke up through the ground and new leaves bud on trees.

Spring is Inside You

Just as the seasons change on the earth, there are seasons in your life as well. Look to the earth in Spring, taking in the resources it needs as it makes the changes that begin life and growth. Just like the earth, Spring in our lives is a time for growth. Take a moment to assess your goals. Think of the changes you would like to make in your life and the ways in which you want to grow.

Throughout our lives we are always changing and growing. There is always more to learn and do. Every plant begins with a simple seed. This seed is a plan or an idea of what the plant will become. Each plant is different, and the direction of its growth may change, but they all start from a seed. The growth in your life begins the same way. These seeds are thoughts within you of your desire to grow.

Soil or Sunlight; What do you Need?

Next in the journey of growth, a seed must gather the resources it requires to grow. Water and nutrients are absorbed through the roots to provide the building blocks and resources needed. Sunlight is absorbed through the leaves, providing energy to fuel growth. Take a moment to assess what you need to grow within your life. Do you need resources, or perhaps just motivation? Do you require rest, and time to refuel before beginning your growth, or do you need to regenerate your energy to push forward with your dreams? Gather whatever energy and resources you need, to make a positive change in yourself. Use them to fuel that journey on the path to a better you.

Stretch Your Leaves

The last step in drawing Spring into your life is to make that change, and actually grow! All the resources you need are within you. All that is left is that little push to make it happen. One step at a time. One day at a time. Flowers don’t just spring up overnight. Establish your roots. Build up your stem. Soon your goals will be in full bloom! Growth happens one step at a time. No project or change is ever truly the ‘big step’ that it seems. It is always just little steps, one after the other. Take that first step! Then take the next one! Soon you will look back and be amazed at how far your growth has come.

Beautiful Blooms

Establish your goals today and throughout the week. Try making one small step a day towards success. Share your progress! In one week you will be surprised how far you’ve already come.



“Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows”

-Helen Keller

The Best Part of Waking Up

Few things in life are as instantly uplifting as sunshine. Just thinking of a bright sunrise can put a smile on my face and help me feel motivated for the day. The Native Americans of the Great Plains had a daily ritual of greeting the sun. They would wake just before sunrise every morning and take a walk towards the rising sun to greet the day.

In the rush of the morning I more frequently find myself reaching towards a cup of coffee, bustling around to get ready, and rushing off to the tasks of the day. But all too often this type of morning ritual leaves me tired and groggy. It’s amazing how long you can be awake, without ever truly waking up.

Soak in the Sunshine

The Sun is what brings life to the Earth. Plants open their buds and spread their leaves to feel the warm invigorating light it brings. Our lives can be so disconnected from the Earth that it’s easy to forget we are a part of it too. Just like plants soak in sunlight to grow, we absorb vitamins and energy from the Sun. Walk through this exercise with me today for a positive and invigorating way to have more energy and feel uplifted.

If your schedule and the weather permits, do this exercise in the sunshine. If you are unable, simply hold a picture in your mind of a bright and beautiful sunrise. See the golden rays of light reaching out to touch the earth. Beautiful tones of orange and yellow fill you with vigor and energy. The beautiful blue contrast of the sky clears your mind. Edges of clouds tinted in pink and gold bring you positive thoughts and motivation for the day.

Feel the sunshine on your skin. The warm caress of light reaches through, to your core, filling you with energy and happiness. It lights a spark of sunshine within you and you can feel this light radiating out from your center. Holding the energy of the sunlight in your heart brings a smile to your face. You feel more positive and motivated for the challenges of the day. You can face each new situation with a smile and a song in your heart. This sunshine you radiate can uplift the people you meet as well, making the day around you happy and bright.

Walking with Sunshine

As you go through your week try to keep the invigorating feeling of the Sun in your heart. Notice how it affects your mood and your energy. Do you feel more positive and capable of handling the day before you? When you walk through the day with sunshine, can you notice it shining out to the people around you? Are others more frequently uplifted, just from seeing the sunshine you hold within? Keep the Sun with you this week and share your experiences of walking with the sunshine.