“A single poem is worth a hundred cozy winter nights, kind words, and healed wounds”

-Sanober Khan

A Deeper Meaning Inside

For such a simple word, “cozy” brings so many feelings and images to mind. As I went through this exercise I was surprised to find my perception of this word changing. What seemed so simple at the start actually held a deeper meaning for me.  Walk through this experiment in mindfulness with me and learn what “cozy” means to you.

Create Your Cozy

Think of something that makes you feel cozy. What is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it soft or cuddly? Safe or secure? Does it remind you of home or somewhere you have been? Does it make you tired or calm? Is it an object or a place? Pay attention to the feelings that it creates in you.

When I think of cozy, I imagine a small cabin in the forest.  The wood that makes its outer frame is beautiful and worn. It creates a safe haven from the wilderness and keeps out the cold and wind. A small stream of smoke makes its way out of the chimney from where the fireplace burns, keeping the house warm. Inside there is softness, knit blankets and hand sewn quilts. There is soup cooking over the fire, hand baked bread, and coffee to share with friends.

Find the Coziness

As you focus on your own picture of coziness pay attention to the feelings it creates. Let it fill you and remind you of the moments in your life that made you feel this. Focus deeply on each memory. Where were you? Was anyone with you? What were you doing? Relive each of these memories individually. What is different about these memories and what is the same? Find this common theme and hold onto it. Does it match your original idea of what is cozy? If not notice the differences. Does the word cozy mean more to you than you thought it did?

For me the strongest memories that relate to this feeling are those with family. My husband and our home, my sisters when we were little, snuggling up in the blanket that my grandmother made for me, these are the times that make me feel cozy in my life. My original idea of cozy was a place, an atmosphere. Yet when I think back to the times in my life when I have felt this the strongest, there is no common place. So although it wasn’t my first thought, when I more deeply examine what cozy means to me, it means family.

Bring Coziness Into Your Life

Over the next few days try to recognize the things in your life that make you feel cozy and appreciate them. Do one thing today that makes you feel coziness inside.