Card of the Day 08/29/16 -You’re Doing Great Printed Card

You're Doing Great Printed Card

Card of the Day 08/29/16

For today’s Card of the Day I’m using the You’re Doing Great Printed Card from the August Send with Love Card Box. My card today goes out to my sister Brinna, starting her last year of undergrad school. This amazing girl excels in everything she does, and she does alot! From keeping up to school work, to juggling three jobs, to helping others stay fit and feel better about themselves, you are amazing Brinna. So today’s card is to remind you to keep up the good work and remember…You’re Doing Great!

You’re Doing Great Printed Card

This card is perfect for sending encouragement to your loved ones. Too often we think about how great a person is, but never actually tell them. Great for a student, friend, or family member that you’d like to send love and encouragement to. This card is available today for individual sale in our Etsy shop.

You can order this card individually and have your own custom message printed inside by following the link here.

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